makky / maksoon ; she / her ; minor!!
fil / eng ; cancer ♋︎

howdy-doo, i am makky. playing genshin impact!!
i like to write. also just procastinating with writing! fluff & angst focus writer.


racist, homophobic, incest, a pedophile, extremely negative and toxic, believing that fiction doesn't affect anything to reality, also pls don't interact nsfw to me!! or any minors.

faves 🐞 hu tao, scaramouche, venti, albedo, kazuha, yanfei, qiqi, mei ling, strawberry crepe cookie, yuki sohma, woo ju-in, inumaki toge, cream puff cookie

luv ❤️
juice, milktea, cat videos, fish fillet, sleeping, onion rings
games 🎮
genshin, cookie run, lord of heroes, honkai, danganronpa
loathe 💀
prideful people, sun, socializing (depends), insects
anime / manga / manhwa 📚
jjk, ohshc, fruits basket / inso's law, lady baby

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